Hey guys, I have to seriously apologize for not updating the website. I've been busy with life and have been sadly neglecting it, but finally, here's some news.

I released a new album in April! Jah Will Never Leave I Alone is a collaborative effort with Jah Gumby of Father Psalms Studio. I've been getting a lot of great feedback from you guys about the album, so thank you so much for that. As artists, no matter how far we come, we always have doubts that we are moving in the right direction, so positive reassurance is always appreciated. I wrote a song about my parents on the album, Heartbeat, which is one of my proudest achievements, give it a listen.

We had a great early summer tour with Kimie and Tubby Love, with many memorable moments. We were sorry Cas Haley couldn't make the tour, but look forward to working with him again in the future. We played some amazing festivals and felt such intense Love and support from you guys on the road.

We just returned home from doing a few dates on the west coast with Paula Fuga. We returned to the Beloved Festival, which was completely epic! We also played some great shows in Cali.

Now it's back on the road, for a month this time. I'll be playing the first part of September with my trio doing some southern Cali dates including a Micro Brew Fest with Tribal Seeds and a couple of club dates with JBoog. Then we travel to Minnesota to play Shangri-la which, from what I've been told, should be an amazing experience. After that I'll spend the rest of the month solo, supporting Trevor Hall on his Western U.S. tour. I'm really looking forward to jamming with him, as I'm a big fan. I'll be back home in October and am pleased to announce I'll be opening for one of my musical idols, Raul Midon at the Doris Duke Theatre on October 2nd. Check the shows page for more info, we got a lot of cool stuff in the works and I promise I'll be better about keeping you guys updated.

I'm continuing work on my next album, Love Will Find a Way and I'll let you know as we near having a concrete release date. Can't wait to share all this new music with you family!

We're working on revamping the site to be a little more interactive. We'll have a Web store with cds, shirts, hats and stickers for sale, and add more videos, photos and lyrics to the site. Mahalo, as always, for your Love, patience and support. You keep us afloat and moving onward and upward. Love you family!


We just got home from playing a whirlwind of 16 shows in 6 days at SXSW in Austin, TX! Gotta say mahalo nui loa to all our diehard family of fans out there and all the new fans we met this last week. It was a wild experience as we expected it would be. Now we're back home and we are back to our busy schedule of gigs and recording. We are looking forward to touring in the summer with Cas Haley, Kimie and Tubby Love, as well as a later summer tour with Paula Fuga. We look forward to sharing the stage with many incredible artists such as Nahko, Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti and many more.

We've been working on a side project slowly over the last four years at Father Psalms Studio called Jah Will Never Leave I Alone. I wrote and recorded this album with Ryan "Jah Gumby" Murakami at his studio and I'm really excited to release it next month.

Work on my next solo album "Love Will Find a Way" is still moving along nicely. We are looking at a summer release if everything goes as planned. We'll keep you posted on the progress. Starting in April, I'll be moving my solo Monday gigs to Tropics Tap House on University Ave. Me and Sam will still be playing Thursday nights at O'Tooles. As always, mahalo for all your support, for promoting us, for spreading the message out, for coming out to the shows and bringing love, you guys are the best! Thanks family.


Well December was a crazy month packed with crazy shows. We got to make music with The Abyssinians who were fundamental in our introduction to roots reggae music, and got to get up on stage with Groundation, which was an honor that words can't begin to describe. January has been great, with so much support and love from our fans here at home, you guys are the best! We are looking forward to heading out to Austin, TX again in March, but not before we play the Wanderlust Festival here at home on the north shore, which will be an amazing time, I'm sure. We are also setting up our summer tour right now, so if you want to see us in your area, please contact your local promoters and tell them how you feel.

The new album, "Love Will Find a Way" is coming along nicely and we will hopefully have a release date for you soon. Mahalo for your patience and your support as always. Love you!


Just got back home from our mainland tour with Groundation. We shared some truly magical moments on the road and built a bridge that will last a lifetime. Mahalo to all our fans for coming out to support us, the love and appreciation we felt at every show in every city was truly immeasurable.

Now it's right back to work without a moment to blink. In the days ahead we'll be learning the Abyssinians tunes for the upcoming shows we'll be doing, backing them with the Father Psalms Band, and getting back in the studio to keep chipping away at all the work that still needs to be done on the new album. As always, it's you, our family that keeps us driven to break new ground and keep spreading the positive message. So, Mahalo for all of your support and love! Blessings.
Still hard at work at Soul Sound on the new album, Love Will Find a Way. Things are starting to take shape, it's really exciting. All the musicians I've been working with are so inspiring. There will Definately be some tracks on this album that you have never heard before as well as many of the tunes you've all been asking me to record. I've been in the Father Psalms Studio as well with Jah Gumby, trying to finish up a project we've been working on for a while, entitled Jah Will Never Leave I Alone. I'm hoping that will be released by the end of the year, but you know how these things can go sometimes so keep your fingers crossed. Lastly, I'm really excited to be going on tour with Groundation, a band that has been a huge inspiration and influence on my music. We'll be going out with them to the mainland in November. In December we'll return home to the islands to do four more shows with them here. For the shows in the islands we'll be playing with Father Psalms Band and backing up none other than the legendary Abyssinians. The Abyssinians were one of the first groups I fell in love with when I first started listening to roots reggae music, and to be able to share the stage with them is truly one of the greatest honors of my musical journey. As always I give thanks for all your support, it lifts me up and keeps me growing always. Mahalo and Aloha.
Aloha! Busy at work recording my second album at Soul Sound Studio in Kaneohe. The tracks are coming along nicely thanks to awesome engineer/producer Kelli Heath. The incredible musicians Jon Hawes (bass), Keith Tsukamaki (Keys), Reggie Padilla (sax, flute, piano), and of course my right hand man Sam "Ites" Gonsalves have been performing exceptionally. I am really excited about the stuff we have been laying down.
Our summer tour was awesome, so many great shows and new fans, and so many familiar faces. Many thanks to all who made it possible. Our sets at Beloved Festival, Hornings Hideout and Reggae on the River were definately some of the highlights, with some truly spiritual connections made.
We are looking forward to some more great shows with our fans here at home and also looking forward to a small mainland tour with Groundation in Nov/Dec. Thanks again for all your support, its you who lift us up and keep us strong! Keep spreading the Love! Mahalo.
Wow! Great things happening. We are looking forward to our West Coast Tour in late July/August, including festivals such as Reggae on the River, Horning's Hideout, the Beloved Festival and more! Some other great news, I've assembled a new band to start recording my new record tentatively titled "Love Will Find a Way". I'm really really excited about this new supergroup. We've had four or five rehearsals and the tunes are sounding amazing! We jump in the studio in the beginning of July. Lastly, I was surprised and very humbly honored to win a Na Hoku Hanohano Award this last Saturday in the category of Reggae Album of the Year. I feel so blessed to be chosen to be honored by my contemporaries and many of my mentors in this way. While the award is greatly meaningful, I just want to say that no amount of awards could ever match the rewards that you, my musical family give me, through the everyday appreciation of the music I feel from you constantly. Its what has brought me to this point and continues to help me grow. Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo.
Mahalo to all you wonderful people for coming out to the shows and making our west coast tour an incredible success and growing experience! We really felt the Love and the positive energy flowing everywhere we went. Mahalo to Nahko and Medicine for the People for the awesome shows we shared. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again in August so keep your ears to the ground for dates in your area. Blessed Love.
Looking forward to the Wildfire Reggae Fest and South by Southwest in Austin,TX in March. Also looking forward to a west coast tour in April with Paula Fuga and Medicine for the People. I'll update the shows page as soon as everything is confirmed. Thanks to everyone for all your positive feedback on the new album! One Love
The Change I'm Seeking will be released worldwide on December 21st, 2012. I'm extremely excited about the way this album has turned out in every way and I can't wait to put it out there for all you beautiful people to hear. It will be available at my shows, on Itunes and I will have a store up on my site soon. Thanks to you all for being so patient, the wait is over!!
Just finished all the rough mixes on my solo album. Now it's just some final tweaks and the off to mastering! Thanks for all your patience and thanks to all of my family and friends without whom this would never have been possible. One Love.
I'm planning a Southeast tour in March 2013 from Florida to Austin including the SXSW Music Festival! Please talk to venues and promoters in your area if you would like to see us come play in your town. Contact me with any ideas/suggestions. Mahalo, Mike.
I've been hard at work at Soul Sound Studio with Lock Lynch and Shawn Moseley working on mixing my first solo album. The mixes are coming along nicely! Look for it by the end of the year. It will include songs like Permanent Holiday, Let the Healing Begin, Movin' On, Distant Travelers, Butterflies and Beefstew and many more. Check out the amazing cover art by my friend Daniel Oguin. www.danieloguin.com is his website to view more of his work.