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These Are My Roots - Acoustic Hawai'i Theater
Artist Premiere
Exclusive video from the Hawai'i Theater! Mike takes a solo acoustic performance to a whole new level as he uses looping pedals to create a full band sound for 'These are my Roots', his track featured on on the 2020 Cali Roots Riddim compilation album.

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Mike Love is a musician devoted to revolution through sound. Born in O’ahu, Hawai’i to a family of musicians, Mike has used music as a conversation for as long as he can remember. He comes from a unique convergence of influences, all bound by their ambition to inspire positive change in the world. Love releases his music independently on his own Love Not War Records label, and his sound, while rooted in the spirituality and message-based music of roots reggae, fuses a variety of influences including progressive and classic rock, soul, blues, flamenco, jazz, classical, and more.

Love started playing guitar at the age of 15, and soon after began performing live. Furthering his talents as a composer/lyricist and arranger, he then fronted the 10-piece band Dubkonscious, entering into his first studio experience as producer on the band's album At the Foot of the Mountain.

He then started to hone what has now become an internationally recognized, power-packed, one-man-band style show, using looping, multiple instruments and an array of different vocal techniques and musical styles to create a full and powerful sound that belies the fact that he is on stage alone . His solo performances have since taken him to some of the largest stages in the world.

December 2012 saw the release of Love’s first solo album, critically acclaimed The Change I'm Seeking. The album features his hit track Permanent Holiday, which went viral on YouTube and currently has close to 30 million views [2021], expanding his fan base to the furthest corners of the globe.

With the release of his second album Love Will Find a Way and follow-up companion album Love Overflowing, Love solidified the bond with his fans, exhibiting the evolution they have come to expect from his music. He has performed in the US, South and Central America, Canada, Europe, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, both solo and with his band The Full Circle, sharing songs of wisdom and the desire to instill positive change. 

Love is currently working on his highly anticipated fourth album, with singles set to release some time in 2021.

These Are My Roots (Acoustic)
Mike Love
These Are My Roots (Acoustic)
CliCk HeRe

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Mike Love - 'These Are My Roots' (Official Music Video)
Mike Love - HeartBeat (Official Video)
Mike Love "Babylon Control"
"Sun is Shining" - Bob Marley birthday tribute with Bandsintown PART 1
Mike Love - Permanent Holiday (Live - At Home in Hawai'i)
Mike Love - Leaving You
Mike Love - 'Forgiveness’


PhYsiCaL MeRcH

TouR DaTes

The Change I'm Seeking
Mike Love
Let the Healing Begin
Human Race
Butterflies and Beefstew
Forgive Me
No More War
Distant Travelers
Permanent Holiday
Movin' On
I'm Ready
Live At Home In Hawaii
Mike Love
Can't Take It With You When You Go - Live 6/5/19
Gonna Make It - Live 6/5/19
Be Thankful - Live 6/5/19
Jayum - Live 6/5/19
Human Race - Live 6/5/19
Barbershop - Live 6/5/19
Distant Travelers - Live 6/5/19
Good News - Live 6/5/19
I Love You - Live 6/5/19
Jahwakening - Live 6/5/19
Penniless - Live 6/5/19
No Regrets - Live 6/5/19
Let It Rain - Live 6/5/19
Time To Wake Up - Live 6/5/19
Permanent Holiday - Live 6/5/19
No More War - Live 6/5/19


Mike LoVe MoNdaYs on YouTube
"At HoMe iN HaWai'i" Out NoW
"Gonna MaKE It" (LiVe) Out NoW
TiME To WaKe Up (LiVe) Out NoW
"HuMaN RaCe" (LiVe) Out NoW






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